Services for National Governing Bodies

With years of experience we are able to help national governing bodies with a wide variety of issues.

  • Transformation management of your club or organisation. We can support and help you deliver your strategic aims, including development of operational plans.
  • Strategic planning local engagement and partnerships. Working with identified stakeholders to compile information to develop business strategy, addressing any shortfalls in provision and including new devolution deals.
  • Governance, Safeguarding reviews and training.
  • Workforce Development. One of the most important factors for any organisation. We can provide services for workforce planning, qualification training, resource development and reviews of workforce.
  • Athlete Performance and Pathway reviews.
  • Developing programmes and products for priority groups. Including women and girls, older people, disabled people and those from lower socio economic groups.
  • NGB Delivery Partner and Facility reviews. Redeveloping facility programmes to increase capacity and outputs.
  • Health and wellbeing. To work in key areas of public health focussing on making a positive difference to people’s lives. By using our understanding of local communities we are able to target new opportunities adding value and economies of scale.
  • Leading projects. Where there is not the capacity or skill set within an organisation. DMA can provide an experienced project leader to facilitate and lead a project.